Xbox Live Update Preview Program starts; Lots of new features in the Xbox 360 Update this Summer

Xbox Live Update Preview Program starts; Lots of new features in the Xbox 360 Update this SummerMicrosoft will releasing a new system update for Xbox 360 this summer. Registrations are underway for participation in the Xbox Live Update Preview Program on Microsoft Connect. You’ll be required to fill a survey form to be considered for the program and selection will be done based on region and connection types. The preview program isn’t available in areas where Xbox live isn’t officially supported. Also keep in mind that if you update your console to the preview program, you won’t be able to remove it.

According to Fudzilla, the new update is expected to include the goodies announced at E3, such as Facebook, Twitter and integration as well as Zune Video support. Netflix will also be getting an overhaul with updates such as Movie Parties, Queue Management, Enhanced Playback technology to address bandwidth issues, and more advanced friends info. Avatar Market place will also be available with the option of premium and branded items. Awarded items will also be available depending on game titles. Games on Demand was demoed at E3 as well, which will be digital distribution of Xbox 360 games along with their manuals. A lot of changes and bug fixes in the Xbox Dashboard will also be made:

including a new Gold Memory Veterans symbol to show people how long you have been an Xbox Live member; the Community Games will be renamed and revamped to be called Indie Games; New Achievement browser; new Achievement tracker; improved and streamlined navigation on the dashboard level; block voice messages fixed; friends lists will be able to be sorted; and memory file time stamps will now appear to help track multiple file versions.

For a complete list of coming changes and improvements to the Xbox 360 System, check out Fudzilla’s article.

Accepted participants will be contacted by July 31, 2009. If you’re interested you can sign up here. You’ll need a Windows Live ID to sign up with Microsoft Connect before you can apply for the Preview Program.

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