Apple to launch new iPod Touch with Camera and Microphone

iPod Touch with camera and microphone?Once again the rumor mill is running hot about the iPod Touch getting a camera this fall, as Wired has gotten information from its sources that Apple’s factories in China are already manufacturing iPod Touch models with cameras and built in microphones.

As already rumored earlier, the new iPod Touch would have video recording as well since it’ll contain the same camera as the iPhone 3G S, and a speedy processor and more memory is also to be expected to help with smooth video recording and editing. This will allow the iPod Touch to work with even more applications from the App Store, with the exception of the ones that use GPS or the compass in the iPhone 3G S. The next gen games in the App Store that would require faster processing power to handle better graphics should also be compatible with the new iPod Touch if the rumors are true. Wired thinks that it’ll also handle voice commands which wouldn’t be a surprise if it gets the same processor as the iPhone 3G S.

Expect the new iPod Touch to launch around September in a special event by Apple. To add to the rumor mill, here’s something TechCrunch blogged about, back in December last year. An iPod Touch with a 7 or 9 inch screen:

We’ve got this from three independent sources close to Apple: expect a large screen iPod touch device to be released in the Fall of ‘09, with a 7 or 9 inch screen. Prototypes have been seen and handled by one of our sources, and Apple is talking to OEMs in Asia now about mass production.

Fingers crossed!

P.S. This would be a good time to hold back those iPod Touch purchases, as in about 2 months, it’ll be old anyways no matter what the next generation iPod Touch offers.


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