You Can Now Get Spotify In The US Officially! [VIDEO]

Spotify, the online music service, has finally landed in the US. The unlimited music service lets you stream your favorite music via the internet using either a free (desktop only) or an ad-free paid account which gives you additional access to high-quality music via your mobile devices.

You Can Now Get Spotify In The US Officially! [VIDEO]

With Spotify Premium, you can easily build your custom playlists and even share them with your friends. For now, only the free ad-supported service has been activated. In near future, Spotify Premium $9.99 per month subscription will let users stream ad-free music to mobile devices, share playlists and cache music for offline playback. A $4.99 intermediate plan will remove ads from the stream, but it doesn’t support streaming to the company’s mobile apps, which are already available for iOS devices in the App Store and for Android devices in the Android Market.

Here is a little promo video of Spotify:

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