Try Out YouTube’s New ‘cosmic panda’ Design Now!

Google unveiled a whole new redesigned YouTube interface last week. Google has been redesigning their products in the last few days, starting with Google+, then Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps and now YouTube.

The new design has been named Cosmic Panda and it is available to everyone through TestTube. It was first announced on YouTube’s official blog and it is to make the whole user experience more fun and easier.

YouTube - Cosmic Panda

Unlike many other updates, YouTube has been getting in the past, this is a radical change; Cosmic Panda redesigns the whole YouTube experience. Things that have been changed include a new navigation bar, video page, and channel page.

The new navigation bar looks very sleek and modern, and there isn’t much else to say about it. Next, the video page, on the other hand, looks completely different than it previously did. Users are now able to easily resize the video in four sizes, and the ads that appeared on the right-hand side appear to be gone. In addition to all these changes, YouTube now has larger thumbnails which make it much easier to select a video to watch.

Finally, the channel page has received a big refresh, the new layout really focuses on the videos themselves instead of the channel owner’s details. YouTube had tried to achieve this with their last update, but it didn’t appear to work as well as they thought it would.

There don’t appear to be many bugs in Cosmic Panda, however, it’s still not perfect. That should not stop you from give it a try. You can get YouTube Cosmic Panda by clicking here or visiting the following site:

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