YouTube adds new video quality settings to its app for iOS and Android

Youtube has started rolling out a new update that will change how users choose the video resolution. Instead of resolution numbers, the app will now present a list of few options with text instead of numbers. This simplified list of resolution options will let users customize their viewing experience depending on their preference.

Until now, we have had the option to manually select the resolution control like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and so on. The latest update will give users four options. These are Auto, Advanced, Data Saver, and Higher Picture Quality.

YouTube adds new video resolution settings to iOS and Android

YouTube adds new video resolution settings to its mobile app

The Auto option, which allows the app to automatically adjust the video quality depending on the speed of your Internet connection is still there. Higher Picture Quality uses more data for a better quality stream. On the other hand, Data Saver is aimed at minimizing data consumption.

The Advanced menu is where you will find the list of video resolutions for playback now. Using this menu, you will be able to manually set the quality of the video from 144p to 1080p or higher. However, the changes you make will only apply to the video you are viewing.

Although you do have the option to set default video quality for all videos by heading to the Settings > Video quality preferences menu, note that you cannot set a specific resolution as a default for all videos since the Advanced option is not available under the Video quality preferences menu.

YouTube adds new video resolution settings to its mobile app

Though the new settings force users to take an extra step to change the video resolution, the update is important for users who do not fully understand the video resolutions and how much data each setting will consume. The new settings are enabled through a server-side switch so you might not see the new options when updating the app. However, YouTube should complete the rollout soon.

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