YouTube Premium family plan now costs $29.99 on iOS

Google has announced that an increase in the YouTube Premium family plan subscription fee. As per the sent email, YouTube Premium family subscriptions will be increased by up to $12 starting from November 21. More importantly, the new price is much higher for App Store users.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium family plan purchased via App Store will cost more than its website

Apple charges 15% – 30% commission for all in-app purchases made through App Store from developers. Although developers have been protesting against Apple’s high commission rate, they have no other choice but to agree to the company’s terms because of its reach to billions of users around the world.

Now, Google has found a way to cut off Apple from its subscription revenue by offering a cheaper price for a subscription plan through its website which is good for consumers as they now have a cheaper alternative.


As per the screenshot of YouTube’s email shared by Twitter user @steveriggins, the new YouTube Premium family subscription bought through its website will cost $22.99 and the plan purchased via in-app purchase will cost $29.99.

We created YouTube Premium to provide an uninterrupted YouTube experience, so you can get closer to the videos, creators, and music artists that you love. To continue delivering great service and features, we will be increasing your Premium family plan price to $29.99/ month. Apple will continue to manage your payment. Note that the rate for Premium family plans signed up via our website will be $22.99/ month. Learn more in our Help Center Article on this topic.

This move makes YouTube one of the first creators to pass the cost cut to consumers. Developers like Epic Games, Netflix and Meta criticize the tech giant for charging “Apple tax” but do not pass on the benefit of consumers and creators.

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