10 Best FREE iPhone and iPod apps

So you’re going around the App Store looking for free apps and all you see are 2 star ratings and quite honestly you don’t want to waste you time with those but we have come up with a list which can save you so a lot of time when finding some must have free apps that provide way more value than even paid ones.

Take a look, then download them from the App Store to your iDevice and enjoy …

10. Real Racing GTi


Real Racer is a game that offers hours of fun along with a lot of reward for concentration and effort. The graphics standard and the amount of hours put into this game, considering its free, is awesome. With easy to understand controls and different game modes and camera views, this game gets a good mention.

Download Real Racer GTi


Shazam is a crazy app. All you have to do is hold your iPhone or iPod (via headphones with mic) up to a music source and the app tells you what you’re listening to. The technology behind this FREE app is mind boggling and providing that new users can use this feature 5 times a month (or unlimited for paid users) this app has definitely slipped its way on to the list.

Download Shazam


Bump is another mind blowing app which allows 4 user to connect up and share information like contact details, pictures and even calendar events. The app is simple to use, all users need to do is bump their iDevice’s together so that they connect. This app just Bumps its way in front of Shazam for me.

Download Bump

7. Cube Runner

With the ability to rotate the iPhone or iPod for control, it has driven developers mad in creating new tilt games. Cube Runner has come out as the best. When playing on Cube Runner everything feels just right and the basic design that doesn’t over complicate the game. Definitely on this list.

Download Cube Runner

6. Skype

Yes we know the app can be laggy and slow but still this app gives you the power to talk to people in other countries for a lot less money ( free for Skype to Skype! ). The app is very simple to use and can make life a lot more easier for long distance calls but the greatest thing about the app is it gives the iPod the ability to make calls, so no doubt about it to be on the list.

Download Skype

5. Twitter

Even though previously you had to buy the app to use it ,Twitter bought it and rebranded it as Twitter and made it free. With the app being quick and easy to use and the ability to have multiple accounts on one device makes it fun for everyone.

Download Twitter

4. Dr Awesome Plus

Even though you need to set up an annoying Plus+ account to play but once your signed in this game is a none stop tilt action surgeon game. Your aim is to cut out infections by tilting your iDevice, sounds simple? Correct! that is why it’s in the list.

Download Mr Awsome Plus

In 3rd Position is …

3. Dropship

This wonderful game used to cost you a bit but the nice people at ngmoco decided they would make it free and now its one of the biggest bargains on the app store. The game is you in your ship, roaming the galaxy completing missions and fighting baddies. Provides hours of fun so it gets a 3rd place finish.

Download Dropship

Now we enter the league of the big boys, so number 2 is ….

2. GorillaCam

The beautiful minded people at Gorillapod Tripods asked themselvesL what annoys us about the iPhone camera? So they made an app to fix all the annoyances for free. It allow you to take multishots, delay shots, shows spirit levels and an on screen grid along with many more features.

Download Gorillacam

So number 1…if you haven’t guessed it already, it’s kind of obvious. It’s the one and only king of social networking…

1. Facebook

The Facebook app revolutionized social networking because with its slick UI and easy to use home screen, it  provides quick access to all your friends’ information. It is just far better than the browser version. The Facebook App allows you to chat with your friends, message them, look at photos, keep up with events, check out notifications and much more. This is a great app for a great social network that deserves the top spot

Download Facebook

Did we miss your favorite app ? Let us know!

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