10 Must Have Medical Apps for the iPhone

Here are 10 medical apps that you should have in your iPhone if you’re a health care professional.

1. Skeletal System Plus 2009-07-27_2135 This app is by 3D4Medical which has one of the world’s largest collection of 3D medical images. If you’re studying anatomy, you should definitely have this app on your iPhone. It contains 350 high quality images with all 1200 parts labeled. You can zoom into each image, rotate it to see anterior, posterior, medial and lateral views and you can test yourself with a quiz in the end! Apps for just the skeletal system of the head and neck and also for the muscles of the body by 3D4Medical are also available.

2. Epocrates2009-07-27_2158 Epocrates, Inc. develops support tools healthcare professionals. Their iPhone app offers free drug reference and premium clinical reference. Its free drug reference contains data on over 3000 drugs, with their pictures, dosing and drug interactions. Its also able to perform basic medical calculations. The premium version includes evidence based treatments, treatment guide on infectious diseases, interpretation for hundreds of lab test and much more.

3. Skyscape Medical Resources2009-07-27_2251 The Skyscape medical resources contain an important collection of medical information for health care professionals. Its free resources include a collection of treatment drugs, a collection of information on hundreds of diseases and a medical calculator. It’ll also update you with latest information according to your specialty. Its paid resources include Anesthesiology Constellation, 5 Minute Cardiology, 5 Minute Clinical Consult, Nursing Constellation and many others.

4. ECG Guide2009-07-27_2305 Developed by QxMD, this app contains over 200 examples of common and uncommon ECG’s with their full descriptions. You can zoom in on key findings and review etiologies and differentials of different ECG’s. This app also includes a quiz feature and free upgrades.

5. Taber’s Medical Dictionary2009-07-28_1053

Taber’s Medical Dictionary is one of the most comprehensive medical dictionaries online and is available for your iPhone. It contains over 60,000 definitions, over a 1000 images and over 30,000 audio pronunciations. Its an excellent tool for doctors and medical students.

6. MedCalc2009-07-28_1107

A few of the above mentioned apps contain a feature that performs medical calculations, but if you want something separately to do just that, then you should download MedCalc. Its free and comes in 4 different languages. It contains a collection medical scores and formulas that can calculate values like BMI, heart rate, ideal body weight, etc. You can browse through a list of recently used formulas and also make a list of your favorites.

7. Eponyms2009-07-28_1115

This is a very useful app specially for medical students. It contains over 1,600 medical eponyms like the Virchow’s triad, sheehan’s syndrome,etc. This is a wonderful study tool. You can browse through eponyms topic wise,star eponyms and also browse through recent eponyms. And did I mention that its free?

8. Blausen Human Atlas2009-07-28_1127

This atlas doesn’t only contain 1,200 still images, it also contains 3D animated videos! It contains a glossary that is cross referenced with these images and animations. Images taken from these animations are rotatable 360 degrees showing nine full body systems. You can purchase particular smaller atlases to add to your collection.

9. CPR drugs2009-07-28_1151

This is a simple app that could prove very useful in emergencies. It allows you to calculate a list of drugs important in emergencies according to a patients weight.

10. Orasphere


I’ve reviewed this app here. Its specifically for dentists and dental students.

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  1. Appreciated your including our new 2.0v Blausen Human Atlas in your “Must have” list…we believe , with its video animations, it is the most powerful way of communicating core concepts easily and effectively…am now following you on Twitter (hensgensan) and look forward to it.

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