Orasphere – A dental app for iPhone

UntitledOrasphere is an iPhone app designed by Orasphere Inc for dental practitioners to educate patients. It contains animated videos that explain routine dental procedures. Its an excellent tool for dentists to have on their iPhones so they can show their patients what they’re about to do.

Instead of verbally trying to explain a patient how a root canal treatment is performed, the dentist can educate the patient with an animated video. It saves a lot of time and energy, increases patient acceptance, and saves the dentist from the post treatment questions the patient will ask that the dentist might have already answered. Not only that, it makes you like a pretty cool dentist! :D


It covers everything, crown and bridge preparation, preventive dentistry, even the anatomy of a tooth. Therefore, its an app that could prove useful not only to dentists, but to dental students as well. Textbook learning can prove useless, videos in Orasphere can help clear your concepts.

On their website, they offer an iPod Touch pre-loaded with all the patient education videos. Orasphere is also available for Windows and on DVD’s, so you could have it on your dental office PC or on TV’s present in the waiting rooms.

Check out one of the extremely cool animated videos:


Download Orasphere on iTunes.

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  1. Nice overview of several different approaches, although most people are aware of many, it’s nice to run over them in one place to refresh your memory.

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