12 useful Apple Watch tips for watchOS 9

Every year Apple upgrades the latest Apple Watch Series with new hardware and offers new features in the latest watchOS to allow users track their health, activity, and much more.

Here are 12 useful tips for Apple Watch users to get the most out of their smartwatch.

Apple Watch

Try these Apple Watch tips on watchOS 9

  1. Find your iPhone
    • Swipe up on the Lock Screen to open Control Center
    • Tap on the “Ping” iPhone button once to play a sound on the iPhone to locate it.
    • Touch and hold the “Ping” iPhone button for the iPhone to play a sound and flash. Apple Watch
  2. Use the Camera Remote app
    • Open the Camera Remote app on the Apple Watch and position the iPhone to capture a photo. 
    • Use the viewfinder of the Camera Remote app for Apple Watch to view the shot. 
    • Simply tap on the timer to capture the shot. Apple Watch
  3. View reminders for medications
    • Integrated with the Health app on iPhone, the new Medication app for Apple Watch shows reminders for medications by default when its time to take medicines based on the scheduled in the Health app on iPhone. Apple Watch
  4. View new metrics in the Workout app
    • Simple turn the Digital Crown to view new metrics while working out like Heart Rate Zones, Activity rings, Power, and Elevation. Apple Watch
  5. Turn on the water lock on iOS 16
    • Swipe up from the Lock Screen and tap on the Water Lock button in the Control Center.
    • To eject the water and turn off water lock, press and hold the Digital Crown.  Apple Watch
  6. Identify a song
    • When a song is playing, press and hold the Digital Crown to wake up Siri. 
    • Ask the voice assistant “what song is this” to identify the track. Apple Watch
  7. Reply to an iMessage with a Tapback 
    • In an iMessage chat, double-tap on a message and select a Tapback. Apple Watch
  8. Switch from one paired Bluetooth device to another directly from your Apple Watch, when listening to audio
    • In now playing UI, tap on the “AirPlay” button.
    • Scroll down the menu, tap on the intended audio device to quickly switch audio output, and tap Done. Apple Watch
  9. Change watch face complications to quickly launch most used apps
    • Press and hold the watch face and tap on Edit. 
    • Swipe left to the end to access complications UI.
    • Tap on each complication on the watch face to change. 
    • Click the Digital Crown to save the changes and click it again to set the new watch face. Apple Watch
  10. Customize the Home Screen
    • Click the Digital Crown to view the apps on the Home Screen. 
    • Touch and hold anywhere on the screen to change the view of the apps, grid or list.
    • Tap on the “Edit apps” to change placement on the Home Screen or delete the apps. Apple Watch
  11. Set multiple timers
    • Open the Timers app and set the first timer. 
    • Next, tap back arrow on the top left of the screen and set the second timer. 
    • Repeat the above step to set and run multiple timers, simultaneously.  Apple Watch
  12. Mute alerts with your hand
    • Simply rest the palm of your hand on the display to silence an alert, end an incoming call, mute a timer, or others. Apple Watch

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