New proof-of-concept app allows you to change default iOS 16 font without jailbreak

Developer Zhuowei Zhang has managed to use an exploit in iOS 16.1.2 to create a new “proof-of-concept” app to let users change the default font on iOS 16 without jailbreaking the device. 

iOS 16 default font

Developer brings Samsung’s Choco Cooky font to iPhones on iOS 16.1.2 or older 

On Twitter, Zhang explained that he used the CVE-2022-46689 exploit in iOS 16.1.2 update to overwrite the default iOS font and develop his app which enables users to change Apple’s default San Francisco font to Samsung’s Choco Cooky, DejaVu Sans Condensed, Serif, and Mono fonts.

He said that the app is safe to use as it does not require jailbreak. It only changes the text on iOS and does not impact any other part of the operating system and a simple reboot reverses the changes. But Zhang did recommend users back up their iPhones before trying out a new iOS font.

However, the proof-of-concept app only works on iPhones running on iOS 16.1.2 or older versions because Apple fixed the exploit in the latest iOS 16.2 update. 

iOS 16

Here is how to change the iOS default font

As exciting as it is to be able to change the iOS default font, it is not an easy process. Users will need to manually sign the IPA file with a developer certificate to install the proof-of-concept app or compile the Xcode project. 

Zhang has shared the details of the project along with its source code on GitHub. Let us know in the comments if have tried the app to change the font on your iPhone.

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