Apple could release 12 and 13-inch lower-cost MacBook models at ‘Scary Fast’ event

Rumors of a budget-friendly MacBook have been circulating for quite some time now. The latest report about the situation suggests that Apple is working on two lower-cost MacBooks to counter competing devices on the market, such as Google’s Chromebooks.

As Apple’s highly-anticipated “Scary Fast” event on October 30 inches closer, there is a chance that it might surprise customers with one of these lower-cost MacBook models. The event is set to be a significant moment for Apple Silicon Macs, with potential updates to the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and an all-new iMac on the horizon.

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Apple to counter Chromebooks with two lower-cost MacBooks for the education sector

As noted above, Apple’s plans for a lower-cost MacBook have been on the radar for a while, with industry experts speculating about the company’s strategy to compete with Chromebooks, especially in the education sector. Earlier this year, Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple analyst, hinted at Apple’s consideration of a lower-cost MacBook to boost sales.

Recent reports are helping to provide a clearer picture. According to a relatively new source, leaker yeux1122, Apple might be working on not just one but two lower-cost MacBooks. These models are described as a “12-inch base” and an “Educational 13-inch” variant. While the source might not have an extensive track record with Apple news, the information aligns with ongoing supply chain reports, indicating that Apple is exploring options in response to declining Mac sales.

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The idea of introducing a lower-cost MacBook poses several challenges for Apple. With Chromebooks dominating the low-cost laptop market, Apple faces competition from manufacturers like Samsung and Google. To make a cost-effective MacBook, Apple may have to make certain compromises, such as using older M-series chips and more affordable materials. Additionally, there’s the possibility of developing a scaled-down version of macOS or a hybrid of macOS and iPadOS to run App Store apps, mirroring Google’s approach with Chromebooks.

Ultimately, the introduction of a low-cost MacBook could be a game-changer for Apple. The company’s Mac shipments have not been meeting expectations, potentially due to global inflation and a lack of significant innovation. A more affordable MacBook could attract a wider audience, especially those who have been looking for budget-friendly options. Apple could also counter this by upgrading its MacBook Pro models to maintain a competitive edge.

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