Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air does not offer support for multiple external displays

Apple recently launched its highly anticipated 15-inch MacBook Air. Powered by the M2 chip, the machine offers a stunning display, a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, a new sound system, and more. However, one crucial feature appears to be missing, leaving potential buyers disappointed. The ability to connect and use multiple external displays with the MacBook Air seems to be absent, just as it was with the previous 13-inch model.

While not every user requires dual external displays, this setup is more prevalent than one might think, particularly in enterprise environments where employers often provide employees with two lower-resolution displays rather than one high-resolution option.

15-inch MacBook Air reviews

Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air does not offer support for multiple external displays

Users have longed for the convenience of docking their MacBook Air and effortlessly utilizing two external displays. However, the current M2 MacBook Air, much like its predecessor, can only support a single external display with up to 6K resolution at 60Hz, in addition to the built-in display. Although workarounds exist, they lack the reliability of native support from Apple.

15-inch MacBook Air reviews

Surprisingly, this limitation represents a regression from the Intel-powered MacBook Air released in 2018, which offered support for up to two external displays with 4K resolution.

It is also possible that Apple is deliberately restricting the MacBook Air to a single external display to provide an incentive for users to opt for the more expensive MacBook Pro. This decision could also safeguard sales of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, as questions arise about potential competition from the 15-inch MacBook Air.

As noted above, the 15-inch MacBook Air employs the same M2 chip found in the current generation. If Apple chooses to release another version of the machine with the M3 chip, it would be ideal for the tech giant to prioritize support for multiple external displays.

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