WhatsApp currently testing multi-account access, enhanced sharing and more

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is continuously working on improving user experience by rolling out innovative features. In the most recent beta updates for Android and iOS, the company unveiled several exciting features that are set to enhance communication and functionality including multi-account access, improved sharing capabilities, and revamped designs.


WhatsApp beta version for Android introduces multi-account access

Multi-account access

Breaking away from its previous limitations, WhatsApp is now testing multi-account access on a single device. The beta version for Android introduces a hidden interface that allows users to seamlessly switch between multiple accounts.

multi-account access

While this feature initially targets enterprise users of WhatsApp Business, it’s possible that multi-account access will be extended to the general WhatsApp Messenger app as well. Dual-SIM subscribers and those needing to manage multiple accounts can look forward to multi-account access in the near future.

Revamped design

WhatsApp beta version for Android brings redesigned switches and floating action buttons, enhancing the overall visual appeal and usability of the app. These changes are currently available to select beta users.

What’s new in WhatsApp beta for iOS?

Enhanced sharing

WhatsApp beta for iOS version introduces an improved chat attachment menu, providing users with an enhanced experience when selecting and sharing content. Users will now find it easier and more intuitive to share various types of media.

WhatsApp beta for iOS also introduces a screen-sharing feature, allowing users to share the content of their device screen during video calls. This feature opens up new possibilities for collaboration, presentations, and remote assistance, making communication more immersive and versatile.

Community engagement

With the WhatsApp for iOS version 23.12.71 update, a new community entry point is introduced within the community announcement group. This entry point lists all groups linked to the community, providing users with a centralized hub for community interactions. Additionally, community admins now have a shortcut to easily add new groups to the community, streamlining the management process.

Video messages

A recent update for both Android and iOS beta testers introduced the ability to record and send video messages of up to 60 seconds. Users can now effortlessly share their thoughts and experiences with friends and family through expressive audio messages and concise videos.


As WhatsApp continues to evolve, it occasionally experiences minor setbacks, such as a recent issue that temporarily disrupted media message sending. However, the team is dedicated to swiftly resolving such incidents and keeping users informed via platforms like Twitter.

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