2011 MacBook Pro Line Launches On February 24 With Intel Sandy Bridge Processors & More! [Best Buy Prices]

The latest Macbook Pro line for 2011 will be released by Apple on Thursday February 24th, as posted by MacRumors. Furthermore, Apple may incorporate the brand new Intel Sandy Bridge processors inside these MacBook Pros which are believed to be significantly faster than last year’s Core i5 and i7 processors. Other sources are also reporting that the new Macbook Pros will be based on the design of latest MacBook Airs i.e thinner, faster, have bigger batteries and higher resolution displays as well as feature solid state storage.


According to a source, here are the expected Best Buy part numbers and prices for 2011 MacBook Pro line:

MC724LL/A-SKU# 9755395 – $1499 – 13 inch

MC700LL/A-SKU# 9755322 – $1199 – 13 inch

MC725LL/A-SKU# 1535918 – $2499 – 17 inch

MC723LL/A-SKU# 1535845 – $2199 – 15 inch

MC721LL/A-SKU# 1535836 – $1799 – 15 inch

Many renowned European retailers are currently showing 0 in stock for all the current MacBook Pros models as they are getting new ones in the next week. A number of UK stores are also not taking reservations for MacBook Pros at the moment.

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[via 9to5Mac]

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