User highlights 2021 MacBook Pro charging issue when shut down

A Reddit user @u/Trillionaire shared that his 16-inch 2021 MacBook Pro with M1 Max chip was not charging when the notebook was shut down and on the thread other 2021, other 2021 MacBook Pro owners shared that they were experiencing the same charging issue. As per the user, when the notebook was completely shut down, the LED on the MagSafe charging cable turned on and off, repeatedly. And each time the charging cable turned off, the notebook pinged the charging sound. 

2021 MacBook Pro models have received great reviews for their incredible fast performance and revolutionary battery life. So much so that the majority of the users have not complained about the new notch on the display. Instead, they are happy with the additional screen real estate. The recently discovered charging issue when shut down is one of few issues owners are brought forward and luckily for them, a solution is also offered immediately. 

2021 MacBook Pro

Here is how to fix the charging issue on the 2021 MacBook Pro when it’s shut down 

As MacBook wakes up instantly when the lid is opened, most users do not completely shut down the notebook often. Therefore, the issue was not highlighted sooner. Now, @u/Trillionaire has updated the charging issue post with the proposed solution by Apple Support. He was instructed to do the following:

Shut down MacBook –> Click and hold power button for 10 seconds –> Now a new menu appears, click on “Options” and after that on “Continue” –> Log in to your account –> Now you should be in recovery mode. Here I was told to click on the apple logo on the top left and shut down the MacBook again.

After that I tested it with the magsafe cable and the issue was gone. I was able to charge the MacBook while it was shut down.

2021 MacBook Pro

However, others affectees are not as lucky as @u/Trillionaire. @funnystone64 wrote that Apple is going to replace the user’s notebook. 

So it’s not just me then! I have the EXACT same issue. Went to the genius bar and they tested with a cable and charger that they have and it still had the same problem. They said they would order a new 140 watt charger for me to see it would fix it but said most likely it’s a firmware issue but didn’t really provide any evidence for such a thing.

I went home and the next day I get a call from Apple. Someone was calling me to follow up and they asked me a bunch of questions and provided instructions to run a special diagnostics program. After I did all that they said they want to take my MacBook and it’s charger back and that they would give me a completely brand new MacBook as soon as they get one. I’m still waiting for that but that’s where I’m currently at. Edit: I have a 16 inch with the M1 Pro.

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