Safari extension “Vinegar” replaces YouTube player with HTML5 based player to remove bloat

Safari extensions allow users to personalize their web browsing experience on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. App Store offers several extensions to alleviate that web browsing via Apple’s native browser. A Safari extension for YouTube “Vinegar” is updated with new features and improvements to make video streaming more enjoyable. 

Vinegar allows users to stream videos on YouTube ad-free, offers Picture-in-Picture mode, and prevents the platform from tracking users’ play, pause, and seek activities. YouTube videos continue to play, even when the user switches to another browser tab and can choose the audio-only steel to play music when Safari is in the background. The developer says that like the YouTube5, the new Vinegar Safari extension fixes several issues with the YouTube player. 

now the YouTube player situation has gotten bad enough that we need another extension to fix it. That’s where Vinegar comes in. Vinegar also replaces the YouTube player (written in who-knows-what) with a minimal HTML <video> tag.

Vinegar- Safari extension

Download Vinegar, Safari extension, to alleviate video streaming experience on YouTube 

Developers usually offer more features in their mobile apps than on their web apps. Similarly, the web version of YouTube also comes with limitations. But the latest update of Vinegar brings new capabilities for users to enjoy the mobile features on the web. The release notes read:

  • Toggle video autoplay on (Vinegar will never autoplay embedded videos on other websites).
  • Show/hide the quality switcher toolbar on (the toolbar will always be hidden on other websites).
  • Change the preferred video quality (in case you hide the toolbar).
  • Change the language of auto-translated subtitles.

Vinegar- Safari extension

Vinegar, Safari extension is available for $1.99 on the App Store and it comes with no in-app purchases, ads, and tracking. “It’s a universal purchase so you only have to buy it once to use it on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.” It requires iOS 15.0 or later and macOS 11.0 or later, respectively. 

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