Apple execs say 2021 MacBook Pro’s notch “is a smart way to give more space for content”

Apple’s senior executives sat down with @Same Brain for a podcast episode dedicated to the new 2021 MacBook Pro models. They discuss the performance of the powerful M1 Pro/Max chips, more ports, battery life, and more importantly the notch.

For the first time, Apple introduced the notch, which debuted in iPhone X, in the 2021 MacBook Pro models. When we heard of the notch as a last-minute rumor before the October 18 event, we thought it would be a fail. But seeing it on the new MacBook Pro changed our perspective. The notch sits on top of the display and can be concealed easily via wallpaper or using an app in full-screen mode. Mac Product Line Manager, Shruti Haldea, and Senior Product Manager for Pro Video Applications, Luke Tristram talk about Final Cut Pro, notch, and many other features of the 2021 new MacBook Pro models.

2021 MacBook Pro

The notch on the 2021 MacBook Pro allowed Apple to make bezels thinners and provide users with more real estate

In the 50th episode of the @Same Brain podcast on YouTube, Haldea explained that notch is Apple’s “smart” way to make the display larger and its compact design seamlessly moves it out of the way.

What we’ve done is we’ve actually made the display taller. Like on the 16-inch notebook, you still have a 16.0 active area on the diagonal in that 16:10-inch window, and we just grew the display up from there and put the menu bar up there. We just kind of moved it up and out of the way. So it’s a really smart way to give you more space for your content, and when you’re in full-screen mode, you have that 16:10 window, and it looks great. It’s seamless.

In macOS Monterey, Apple has introduced ways to hide the notch easily on the 2021 MacBook Pro: new wallpapers with darker borders on the top of the display and apps in full-screen mode conceal the notch. In addition, the Forehead app hides in the notch in all wallpapers on macOS Monterey.

2021 MacBook Pro

Furthermore, the podcast episode covers the inclusion of HDMI and SD card slots, battery life, video rendering, and in conclusion, Apple executives say that even for normal users the day-to-day experience on the new MacBook Pro models is great.

“It is amazing on these new MacBook Pros, you’ll see app launch instantaneously, the front of the screen experience on the liquid Retina XDR display is gorgeous no matter what you are doing. Watching Dolby Vision content is so much fun, you get the incredible HDR experience and the audio experience surrounds you. So people are just going to love using the new MacBook Pro. And battery life is extraordinary; with up to 17 hours battery life on 14-inch pro and up to 21 hours of battery life on 16-inch pro. So we think users are going to love these new systems whether they are using it for everyday stuff like browsing the web and watching videos or doing pro workflows in 3D apps in HDR and video editing in Final Cut.”

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