Extended lead times for the 2022 iPhone SE indicate solid consumer demand

Lead times for Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE with the A15 Bionic chip and 5G connectivity have already started to extend which “is an encouraging sign for demand,” according to an analyst.

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iPhone SE with 5G connectivity seeing strong demand, according to an analyst

As per a note to investors (via AppleInsider), JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee investigates estimated delivery dates for Apple’s 2022 iPhone SE across multiple regions including Western European, China, and more. Lead times for the iPhone extended across all regions that the analyst tracked. Currently, estimated delivery times stand at an average of about eight days.

Lead times in the United States are the longest as of right now with estimated delivery dates in the region extending from March 18 to March 29 which is about 12 days. The United States is a key region for Apple as it accounts for 35% of all global iPhone shipments.

In China, lead times range from six to eight days. The analyst notes that lead times in the region are shorter compared to the second-generation iPhone SE’s release in 2020. China accounts for almost 20% of all iPhone shipments. In Western European, which includes the United Kingdom and Germany, lead times currently range from five to six days which is a “modest lead time extension” compared to other regions, according to the analyst.

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“In summary, lead times have extended over the last week, and while that is an encouraging sign for demand, we will wait for more data points to draw conclusions given the ongoing shifts in supply and logistics in the background,” the analyst writes.

In related news, analysts predict that shipments for the 2022 iPhone SE could reach 30 million units this year. As per the report, the availability of the latest budget-friendly iPhone is expected to drive up 5G handset shipments to non-China markets this year with a ton of users preferring its lower price tag and older design with a physical Home button with Touch ID in place of Face ID.

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