iPhone SE 3 is faster than Galaxy S22 Ultra, as per Geekbench scores

iPhone SE 3 has proven to be as fast as Apple’s flagship iPhone 13, as revealed by new Geekbench scores. Even though the smartphone is not available to users yet, Geekbench scores have been uploaded which show that the A15 Bionic chip is as powerful as the iPhone 13 variant, which means that there is no underclocking or other changes here.

iPhone SE 3

iPhone SE 3 vs other smartphones

As per the latest benchmarks found in Geekbench for iPhone 14,6, the identifier for iPhone SE 3, it achieves the following scores:

  • Single-core: 1695
  • Multi-core: 4021

It was already confirmed that iPhone SE 3 has 4GB RAM, which is also the same as iPhone 13. The benchmark results also show that the clock speed for the A15 chip is 3.24 GHz, the same as iPhone 13. 

To put things into perspective, iPhone SE 2 had the following Geekbench scores, with its A13 Bionic chip:

  • Single-core: 1312
  • Multi-core: 2819

iPhone 13 has the following scores, similar to the iPhone SE 3, on Geekbench:

  • Single-core: 1,648
  • Multi-core: 4,152

Despite having the same A15 chip, iPhone 13 Pro Max scores higher in the benchmark:

  • Single-core: 1733
  • Multi-core: 4753

This means that iPhone SE 3, which costs $429, is faster than Android flagships like Galaxy S22 Ultra, which costs $1,199. It is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chipset. Despite being one of the most expensive non-foldable smartphones that you can buy, it lags behind when it comes to CPU performance.

  • Single-core: 1232
  • Multi-core: 3433

Even Apple’s last-generation iPhone 12 Pro, which is powered by an A14 chip, scores more than the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

  • Single-core: 1,575
  • Multi-core: 3,858

While benchmarks do not represent the complete picture, it shows that Apple has cut no corners when it comes to CPU performance for its entry-level iPhone model. We still do not know how the GPU performs in iPhone SE, but if these benchmarks are any indication, we expect it to be as fast as iPhone 13, specially when we consider that it has to power lesser pixels due to its display, compared to the flagship iPhone models.

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