3 amazing Windows 11 features users should know

Windows 11 is full of functionalities but today, we are going to detail our 3 top features on Windows 11 we think users should know. So continue 

Microsoft Windows 11

3 useful features in Windows 11 to dictate, add desktops, and more

How to use dictation with auto punctuation

    1. Open the Notepad app.Windows 11 Guide 1
    2. Open Windows dictate by tapping on the Windows key + H on the keyboard > click on the settings icon.
    3. In the setting, a new auto punctuation feature is included > toggle on the feature.Windows 11 3
    4. Click on the microphone icon > start talking and it will automatically add punctuation where ever needed in sentences.Windows 11 4

How to add multiple desktops

    1. On the taskbar, there is an icon to show all of your desktops > click on it.Windows 11 5
    2. Click on the + icon to add more desktops.Windows 11 6
    3. Users can rename it by clicking on rename option > change its place clicking the move left option.Windows 11 7
    4. And clicking on the background option users can set a new background for the new desktop.Windows 11 8
    5. To remove additional desktops simply click on the X icon.Windows 11 9

How to use the Widgets app

    1. To open the Widgets app simply click on the Windows key + W on the keyboard.
    2. And in the Widgets, users can see their to-do list, weather, family safety, and more.Windows 11 10
    3. To add more widgets click on the + icon.Windows 11 11
    4. Users can add the widgets they would like to see.Windows 11 12
    5. Click on the 3 dot icon > users can choose the size of the widgets and also unpin widgets a user doesn’t want to see.Windows 11 13

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