How to use Realme’s new notification panel

Realme UI has changed a lot and one of the major things that changed was a complete makeover of the notification panel. Realme UI brought new designs for the notification panel and quick settings menu. So we’ll guide you through the all-new notification panel in Realme UI.

Realme UI 1

Useful tips for Realme’s updated notification panel

  1.  How to edit and customize your notifications panel’s icons.
    • Simply click on the icon visible in the top right section.Realme UI 01
    • The icons above are already in the notification panel and the icons below, users can add them above the notification panel.Realme UI 2
    • To add more icons from the below “more function” option simply drag and release them above in the “added functions”.Realme UI 3
  2. Here are some of the best features you can use from shortcut icons.
    • You can easily switch between Dark Mode and Light Mode with one single tap.realme UI 4
    • Focus mode is particularly good now that we are all self-isolated and texting each other non-stop. It basically allows you to restrict the use of certain apps you might find distracting in daily life.Realme UI 5
    • Kid Space is a safe option that parents can use to control phone usage time and some apps that not be accessed by kids. It does a good job in charge prevention, system modification, and addiction prevention when your kids use the phone.
    • Eye Comfort mode reduces blue light from the screen and alleviates eye strain. They will provide warm light which is friendly to the eye and also an option to switch the screen to black and white screen.
      Realme UI 8


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