AirTag packaging shows Apple was ready to launch it in 2019

Apple’s long-rumored item-tracker AirTag was recently unveiled at its ‘Spring Loaded’ event. As customers are starting to receive the item trackers, some of them have paid close attention to the packaging – which mentions the year 2020.  Normally, it would mean nothing but in this case, it shows that the Cupertino tech giant was ready to launch AirTag 18 months ago.

As per recently revealed FCC filings, Apple started work on AirTag more than two years ago. This means that the company had filed with the regulatory authority for testing and approval two years before the official announcement a few days ago.

Apple AirTag

AirTag could have released by Apple as early as 2019

AirTag easily can be attached to objects or everyday items like purses, school bags, and keys to quickly locate them. The product works with the recently announced Find My network to anonymously share location across Apple’s network of iOS devices.

As shown on Twitter by YouTuber, ZONEofTECH, the year 2019 is listed for regulatory and trademark purposes. On the box itself, the year 2020 is listed. Both writings give a clear indication that the tech giant could have launched and shipped AirTags as early as 2019, but it did not act on it until now.

The reason could be that Apple did not have the confidence that there are enough U1 chips in the world for AirTags to work properly since the item trackers require the chip to function. U1 chips are featured in iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

Another reason for the delay could be the numerous antitrust investigations and court battles the tech giant has been dealing with in the last few years. In addition to this, Apple is currently in a court battle with item-tracker company Tile, which has accused the tech giant of holding third-party apps ‘hostage’ and is unhappy with Apple’s App Store policies.

Privacy is important, and AirTag tracks items, not people. With built-in features like unwanted tag detection, audible alerts, and rotating identifiers. AirTag is priced at $29 or four for $99.

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