AirTag users are unhappy with the lack of family sharing features

Customers who have received their AirTag deliveries from Apple have been surprised to find out that basic family sharing features are currently missing from the location trackers. For shared items that are being tracked, there is no way for users to enable family sharing for them so that multiple users can track their location.

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AirTag is missing family sharing features in Find My app

Users on various online forums and websites have been reporting the missing AirTag family sharing functionality.

Although Apple had been working on AirTag since 2019 and took care of a lot of use cases such as stolen or lost tags, or anti-stalking measures, it seems that the company could not quite figure out that users would need to tag items that need to be shared between different users. These could be shared house or car keys, pets, or other items. For now, if a family member picks up an item with an AirTag, the best they can do at the moment is silence it from making any sound. AirTag will make a sound when separate from its own for an extended period of time, so it’s not a feature targeted towards sharing, but more towards letting someone know that a stranger’s AirTag is moving with them¬†or for enabling Lost Mode.

On the other hand, compared to AirTag, Tile already supports this feature. Tile’s app allows users to share trackers with family members with ease.

Strangely,¬†Kaiann Drance, Vice President in the Worldwide Product Marketing team, spoke to Rene Ritchie in an interview and said that even though AirTag is tied to one Apple ID, it will support Find My Family Sharing. Check out the video embedded below where Family Sharing is discussed starting at 8:12. Drance explains how users can elect to not gets alerts if their AirTag is with a family or friend, and even disable alerts of just a weekend. These features are neither mentioned on Apple’s website nor are they available at the moment.

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