Apple introduces new ‘Search tab campaigns’ on the App Store to expand ad business for developers

Apple has introduced two new ad slots on the App Store for developers to advertise their apps in new ad placements called the ‘Search tab campaigns’. In the Search tab, there are two new sections added, Discover and Suggested to show recommended apps.

Previously, ads on the App Store were restricted to the search field by targeting keywords. For example, when users search for ‘food’, they are shown Foodpanda and other food delivery apps in the top slot above the search results.

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New ‘Search tab campaigns’ on App Store gives developers more options to advertise their apps

To reach customers before they search, Apple has added new ad placement sections for developers to promote their apps in a prominent location.

Millions of users visit the App Store Search tab every day to find and download their next app. With Search tab ads, you can capture the attention of these customers before they search. Like ads in App Store search results, ads on the Search tab can run in any eligible country or region where Apple Search Ads is offered. Ads are automatically created and seamlessly integrated into the user’s experience.

As mentioned on Apple’s support page, the new Search tab campaign is an extension of Apple Search Ads Advanced. So, developers do not have to provide keywords for the new campaign, and ads are created using the information they have already provided like app name, icon, and subtitle.

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The new advertising features are added after the Cupertino tech giant regulated personalized advertising on the iOS platform. In the latest iOS 14.5 update, the company introduced the App Tracking Transparency feature that makes it mandatory for developers to ask for users’ permission to track their online activity across third-party apps and websites to run targetted ads. Although the new ad placements are not the same as users’ data, it will be beneficial for developers to advertise their apps for over a billion iPhone users.

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