Apple launches search suggestions on App Store for easy discovery

After testing search suggestions for the App Store with a small group of users earlier this month, Apple is rolling out the feature more widely. Now, when a user searches for an app in the App Store, they will be shown suggested words that make it easier to find apps. Search suggestions have been released for users in Australia, Canada, UK, and the United States.

With this feature, Apple intends to make searching for apps a quick and easy process for users on the platform. The company always has some tweaks up its sleeve to further improve the experience of users on its platform, which is one reason why the app market has seen tremendous success.

Apple App Store

Search suggestions now available on the App Store

When a user begins to type in the search bar they will see multiple search suggestions appearing. For example, if a user types in Food, they will see suggestions that include recipes, delivery, games, tracker, etc. By typing Game, specific categories like kids, offline, multiplayer, puzzle, and more will appear. Currently, not every search allows the user to select multiple suggestions.

The App Store provides a safe and trusted place for users around the world to discover and download your apps. And now with search suggestions, it provides another great discovery method. When users perform a seach, they see suggested search terms related to what they’re looking for. Tapping a suggestion adjusts their search, so they’ll easily find even more apps that might fit their needs. App Store search is one of the main ways that users discover apps, and developers are already seeing more downloads from those who use these suggestions.

Additionally, ads in the search section are showing up consistently. As reported by The Verge, the ads are most likely to upset Apple’s App Store critics. Many critics have raised the point that an indie developer working on a micro-scale, should not have to compete with the ad budget of multinational companies like Uber or Papa Johns.

It will be interesting to see if this tweak to the search engine makes it easier for small developers to get more exposure, or more difficult. Search suggestions could end up being helpful for users who want targeted suggestions. Users living in the above-mentioned regions can try this feature out today.

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