Windows 10 is finally getting better support for AirPods

Microsoft recently announced that it will bring improved audio quality for Bluetooth devices to Windows 10 with a future update. This means that Apple’s AirPods line and other Bluetooth audio devices are getting an upgrade. These changes are currently live in the latest Windows 10 Insider preview build,

Windows 10

Windows 10 to gain better support for AirPods in a future update

As stated in a blog post, Windows 10 Build 21370 will add support for AAC, or Advanced Audio Coding. Currently, Windows uses BC codec and aptX. With AAC support, wireless earbuds and headphones connected to the PC via Bluetooth will be receiving premium audio streaming quality,

“Enjoy premium audio streaming quality wirelessly on your Bluetooth headphones and speakers with AAC codec. Short for Advanced Audio Codec, AAC is a lossy codec that delivers high quality audio streaming in smaller files – great for listening to music online.”

Along with AAC support, the upcoming Windows 10 update will also improve how users select Bluetooth inputs. This means that it will be easier for users to select Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and earbuds in the volume taskbar, as there will now only be “one audio endpoint in the UI and will switch to the correct one automatically. ”

“No more clicking through multiple audio endpoints to make your Bluetooth headset’s voice and mic work properly. We now only expose one audio endpoint in the UI and will switch to the correct one automatically for you for a seamless experience. Listening to Spotify and then have to hop onto a Teams call? You can also now directly control the volume of your headset”

As of now, Microsoft still has not announced a release date for the new Windows 10 update. But, the build is still exciting for people who regularly use their wireless earbuds or headphones with their PC and want a more seamless input experience alongside improved audio quality. Apple recently rolled out a firmware update for AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro.

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