iOS App Store economy supports more than 243,000 jobs in Canada – Apple

With an 18% Y-o-Y increase, Apple reports that its App Store economy supports more than 243,000 jobs in Canada. During the economically volatile situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the iOS app economy became “a resilient source of opportunity, innovation, and economic growth and Canadian developers continued to grow their businesses and share new apps with the world.”

At a time when Apple’s digital marketplace is under antitrust investigation, the company is sharing the job opportunities its digital ecosystem is creating worldwide. In March it was reported that with 22% Y-o-Y growth, the iOS App Store UK created 330,000 job opportunities for developers in the country in 2020, despite the COVID-19 economic challenges. And now the company has shared encouraging figures from Canada.

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Canadian iOS App Store developers take advantage of the reduced 15% commission rate

As per the report, the Canadian iOS App Store economy grew by 20% in 2020, and developers across Canada have earned $2 billion in revenue to date. And the Canadian developers are taking advantage of the new App Store 15% commission rate to improve their apps further like TRU LUV, MODU Research, and Ground News.

Canadian developers benefit from the App Store Small Business Program’s reduced commission. Since its launch in January, the App Store Small Business Program has been helping the vast majority of developers — those who earn under $1 million in proceeds over the course of the year — benefit from a reduced commission of 15 percent on sales of digital goods and services. This is significantly lower than the industry standard, creating enormous potential for startups like TRU LUV, MODU Research, and Ground News to reinvest, try out new ideas, grow, and usher in the next generation of app economy innovation.
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Apple Entrepreneur Camps have also provided learning opportunities for Canadian developers to adapt to changing dynamics. The report states that:
In addition, Canadian developers have embraced the Apple Developer Program, harnessing the tools, resources, and support available to turn their ideas into reality and create thriving businesses beloved around the world. Entrepreneur Camps, the use of Apple core technologies and languages like Swift, and the editorial support of the local App Store team have helped Canadian developers of apps like Sago Mini World, #SelfCare, FILM3D, and Ground News invest, evolve, and grow despite the pandemic.
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