AMD claims its new Ryzen 7040 chips are 30% faster than Apple M1 Pro and M2 chips

AMD announced the new AMD Ryzen 7040 series processors for notebooks and laptops at Consumer Electronics Show (CES). At the event, AMD CEO Lisa Su also claimed that the new chips are not only faster than Apple’s M1 Pro and M2 chips but also more power efficient.

Previously, Su said that the M1 chip was more about how much processing innovation was in the market and it was an opportunity to show more innovation in hardware and software which goes beyond ISA. She also added that innovation persisted in the PC space and ” we have lots of choices and people can use the same processors in a lot of different environments. We expect to see more specialization as we go forward over the next couple of years, and it enables more differentiation.”

AMD vs. Apple

AMD compared its upcoming processors with a year-old M1 Pro chip

Designed for professionals, creators, and gamers, AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7040 series chips are built on a 4nm process and will be available in laptops by March 2023.

However, the company chose to compare its next-generation processor with a year-old M1 Pro Apple Silicon and the base model M2 chip.

  • To compare the performance of its new Ryzen 9 7940HS processor against a high-end Intel chip and M1 Pro, AMD included a rendering test of an object in Blender, a popular 3D creation app which showed tht M1 Pro lagged behind Ryzen 9 7940HS in rendering the object.
  • In AI testing, the new Ryzen AI built into the AMD Ryzen 7040 series processors delivered 20% faster performance than the M2 chip with 50% more power efficiency.

AMD vs. Apple

It is interesting to note that M1 Pro is the second chip of the M1 series: M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra, and the newly introduced M2 chip is the first chip of the M2 series which is likely to include M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M2 Ultra chips expected to release this year.

So, AMD did not compare its new processors with Apple’s higher-end processors to claim they are faster and more power efficient than Apple Silicon.

CPU benchmarks of M1 Ultra against Intel 12900K, AMD 5950x, and Xeon W showed that it outperformed them in multi-core and single-core performance. “Compared to the Xeon W chip used in the 2019 Mac Pro, the M1 Ultra chip outperforms in all areas of CPU performance.”

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