Intel announces new 13th-generation HX series CPUs, world’s fastest mobile processor

Intel unveiled the new 13th-generation HX series processors at CES. The new HX Series CPUs are designed for gamers and creators to offer 24 cores with 8 performance cores and 16 efficiency cores with 5.6 GHz max frequency on P-cores. Intel says that the new Core i9-13980HX is the world’s fasted mobile processor for future laptops.

13th Gen Intel Core Hx-55W Mobile Chip Image

Intel Core i9 is the first processor with 24 cores for a laptop

Intel announced its 13th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors that bring superior performance and experiences to mobile devices. Intel says the new 13th Gen Intel core mobile processors with great features and capabilities are compatible with all laptop segments.

Intel continues to focus on giving users greater performance and expanding computing possibilities, especially for hardcore gamers and creators. The launch of 13th Gen Intel Core H-series mobile processors with the first ever 24-core processor with features support for both DDR4 and DDR5 memory can deliver an 11% leap in single thread performance with 39% improvement for multi-tasking, supports 32MB L3 cache, up to 4 thousand 4 ports with best-in-class connectivity, and PCle Gen5.


Executive vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group at Intel, Michelle Johnston Hotlhause said that with “our industry-leading technologies and unmatched global partner ecosystem”, people can look forward to “high-caliber mobile experiences in new unique forms factors – so they can game or create from anywhere”.

Intel also said that all of the new HX CPUs boast a 55W base power and a max Turbo output of 157W. And the 13th Gen P-series and U-series chips with 14 cores will be available for thinner, lighter laptops.

Since Apple switched from Intel-processor to Apple Silicon for Macs, the tech company has been grilling Macs for being inadequate machines for gaming. Previously, Intel took a jab at Macs powered by Intel and M1 processors for not offering touch screens, customization options, and a good gaming experience. The company also claimed that its 12th-generation Core H-series Alder Lake processors were faster than Apple’s M1 Max chip by showing a selective benchmark that was carefully created to show how the new Core i9 chip is faster.

Time will tell if Intel’s new laptop processors are any match to Apple’s M series processor for Macs. So far, the M1 and M2 chips’ high performance and power efficiency have boosted sales of Macs with Apple Silicon. 

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