iOS 16 does not support streaming DRM-restricted content over HDMI on Apple TV

Several Apple users have reported that after updating their iPhone and iPad to iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, they can not stream DRM-restricted videos on their Apple TV using an HDMI adapter.

Previously, it was highlighted that AirPlay on older Apple TV models did not work with DRM-restricted content on iOS 16.

Content providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others use Digital Rights Management (DRM) tech to protect their intellectual property, digital content, and digital files. DRM restrictions allow video streamers or content creators to control access to digital files and prohibit their copying, sharing, and printing. And to ensure that content is available to subscribers only.

Hey Siri - iOS 16

Netflix ends support for HDMI on iOS 16, along with other video streaming apps

On Apple Discussion Forum, @ shared that the HDMI adapter does not work on iOS 16 to stream content on Apple TV. Although Netflix mirrors the device to play trailers, it does not play the videos, the screen goes black.

Lightning av adapter to HDMI no longer working after IOS16 update. Updated to current iOS 16.0.3 using Apple certified cord, turned off and on, phone is updated and backed up. It work until ios16. Another phone works, but not updated to the iOS16. For example Netflix mirrors from phone to tv and will play the trailer, but once I hit play the screen goes black and says now playing on your tv. But is not playing anything. How can I fix this issue? Thank you.

Reddit user @wfw2008 updated that Netflix had confirmed the end of support for HDMI on iOS 16 to stream DRM-restricted content on Apple TV.

I just chatted with Netflix support about HDMI not working after iOS 16. They stated they have made the decision to no longer support HDMI. For those of us who live remote, and even only 12 miles out of town but can’t get internet, the phone is how I watch. Spread the word and if you don’t like it, then cancel. I know I will. Their stock is already going down. 

Furthermore, the limitation is also experienced on other streaming apps like Amazon Prime Videos, and HBO.  wrote at Apple Discussion Forum that; 

I am having the same issues with streaming Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, etc. I’ve upgraded to iOS 16.1 as well, without any successful “fix”. I am using a certified Apple OEM lightning to HDMI adapter. I’ve attempted the use of all SIX of my certified Apple OEM lightning to HDMI dongles with zero success of each.

Either I have a black screen on my TV with audio or I have no audio and a “stuttering” video display whereby the video plays in slow motion for a second then pauses, plays again in slow-mo for a second then pauses…and so forth. Currently ONE streaming apps worked successfully…Disney+. I find it a sickening shame that I’ve paid for six lightning to HDMI cables at the cost of nearly $50 each and the so called “much needed” updates fail to accommodate and keep useful purpose with an Apple designed and sold accessory.

The limitation is observed on videos only, users can still mirror their iPhone and iPad screens on Apple TV using an HDMI adapter for photos, static content, and Google. wrote:

I have a similar problem…with most of my streaming apps. Using the lightning to HDMI adaptor works fine for screen mirroring, such as using google, or photos, static content, but not for video. I’ve read recently that there are quite a few people with similar issues. Most of my streaming apps play, but are choppy, and have no audio. It seems this happened after I upgraded to an iPhone 14, and ios16. Everything worked great previously, iPhone 11, ios15.7. Help?

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