Apple to feature faster RAM in iPhone 16 not in iPhone 15 coming later this year

Staying ahead of the curve, an Apple leaker @ShrimpApplePro claims that Apple will not improve RAM in the upcoming iPhone 15 series but will equip the 2024 iPhone 16 with faster RAM, along with an advanced A18 Bionic chip.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a smartphone’s memory or super-fast type of storage that is used to store the operating system, apps, and current data and is faster than the phone’s storage which is used to save data like photos, videos, apps, and other files required to run the device.  Faster RAM improves multitasking.

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A18 chip in iPhone 16 will be built on an advanced 3nm process

The leaker’s latest tweet, seen by MacRumors, details that the A18 Bionic chip to be used in iPhone 16 coming out in 2024 will feature LPDDR5X faster memory but the A17 Bionic chip will feature the same LPDDR5 memory as the current A16 Bionic chip used in iPhone 14 Pro.

While the A17 Bionic chip to be used in the iPhone 15 coming out later this year will be built on TSMC’s 3nm process, the A18 Bionic chip will be built on an advanced 3nm process to improve power efficiency.

The A17 Bionic for the ‌iPhone 15‌ Pro will be made using TSMC’s N3B chip process, while the A18 Bionic will be based on TSMC’s enhanced 3nm process.

With more RAM, users will be able to enjoy improved multitasking on iOS with multiple apps open in the background, and LPDDR5X in 2024 could help improve battery efficiency.

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Apple’s semiconductor partner, TSMC began production of its next-generation chips built on a 3nm process at its Tainan campus in southern Taiwan. The company’s chairman Mark Liu said that the 3nm process would deliver better performance by requiring 35% less power.

Having said that, it is reported that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models will come with higher 8GB of RAM instead of 6GB of RAM in the current iPhone 14 Pro models. 

Previously, it was claimed that iPhone 16 Pro models will feature an under-display Face ID tech in 2024.

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