EU fines Meta $411 million over compelling users to accept personalized ads

Facebook and Instagram owner Meta has been fined over $400 million and is now banned from forcing European users to see personalized ads. The company’s major defeat could severely undercut its Facebook and Instagram advertising business.

In November 2022, Meta was hit with an over $250 million fine for failing to prevent millions of users’ mobile phone numbers and other data from being scraped and dumbed online. And yet again they received another fine from European Union.


EU privacy regulator says Meta can’t use Facebook or Instagram to justify showing personalized ads

The Wall Street Journal reported, The Irland Data Protection Commission ruled that European Union privacy law was being violated by Meta for forcing Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp users to accept personalized ads. The social media giant allegedly violated the General Data Protection Regulation by asking users for their permission to collect ad-targeting data in terms of service – users have to either allow the personalized ads or stop using the platforms altogether. The company is hit with a $411 million fine.

The EU didn’t say about expectations from Meta to obey the decision. However, the wording suggests Meta has to let users choose whether or not they want to accept the personalized ads.


The EU didn’t say how it expected Meta to obey the decision. However, the wording suggests Meta will have to let users choose whether or not they accept personalized ads. And the company’s core business relies on its ability to collect an immense amount of users’ data and show targeted ads.

In a statement, Meta said:

We strongly believe our approach respects GDPR, and we’re therefore disappointed by these decisions and intend to appeal both the substance of the rulings and the fines.

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