An Update plus New Windows 7 themes uploaded to the Gallery

I realized I don’t have a good connection with all you guys so far. So here it goes.

Things have been slow around here recently. I blame it on workload, thanks to studies and other social responsibilities (also my crappy HP laptop, which has no other speed except slow!). Sincere apologies to all the readers who expect better stuff from ithinkdifferent. I’ve finally come around to implementing some better time management for myself ( in theory at least ), and finally I’m publishing more themes ( most of them user submitted themes ), so finally (I know!), you’ll be able to enjoy more customization.

I’ll be focusing less on news and more on articles, reviews, tips and tricks. Even if it means the posting frequency is slow. As a part of this plan, I’ll be uploading new themes on a weekly basis from now on. Keep your feedback and emails coming in. I don’t reply to every email because honestly, I don’t get much time, but I’ll consider all the past feedback and suggestions for upcoming themes. Check out the following themes in the Windows 7 Themes Gallery.

New themes

Keep reading ithinkdifferent and keep thinking different ( and not just Microsoft, Apple or Google ! )  ;)

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