Fring brings video calling to Android phones – works with front facing camera in HTC EVO

Some Android phones have front facing cameras like HTC EVO 4G and Dell Streak but there are no app for them to use for video calling. But now Fring has introduced the first app for Android phones which will enable video calling on IP for Android Phones.


This would surely change the way people call each other. Using Fring, you would be able to see your friends whenever you want to, with you Android Phone. Fring will auto-detect that whether the person you are calling has a camera or not and then automatically transmit video.

This app is supported not just for devices with front facing cameras but it will also work for all compatible camera devices. But in devices without front facing cameras, you would have to turn your camera to show yourself. People with an obsession for self portraits certainly wont have any problems with that.

We also know that iPhone 4G might have a front facing camera for video calling, but with Fring, Android users are getting video calling functionality before iPhone users.

Fring is the first video call app for Android which will provide free two way video calls and you can download it from Android Market.

[via Androidguys]

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  2. beside mobile phones who can suport video calls from a call phone to : msn live? yahoo? sky pe

  3. Fring finally dropped Skype video calling with their updated version. That bit the boogie big time. The Skype app for Android wasn’t even worth keeping for mine.

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