Rumor: Will Steve Ballmer demonstrate Visual Studio for iPhone on WWDC?

Rumors have been circulating the Internet that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer could take part in WWDC 2010 and demonstrate new Visual Studio development tools for iPhone and iPad. If this is true then this would one of the biggest surprises to come from an Apple event in recent times.

Barron’s analyst Trip Chowdhry has reported that 7 minutes of the WDDC10 keynote are reserved for Steve Ballmer in which he will present these new Visual Studio development tools. The new version of Visual Studio will allow developers to develop native applications for iPhone, iPad and also OS X. Trip Chowdhry believes Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be the man who will give this presentation but if in any case Ballmer doesn’t present it then Bob Muglia will be the other person who will present VS development tools for iPhone on 2010.

If this rumor is true than I think the number of apps on app store will increase a lot (more) because Visual Studio is possibly the best development IDE . But what about section 3.3.1 of Apple’s developer agreement? According to that section, Apple would not allow developers to work on Visual Studio.

So is this rumor real or not? We will get this answer at WWDC 2010 which is just ten days from now. In my view this rumor makes no sense until Apple changes section 3.3.1 of their developer agreement. Else, this has to be the craziest rumor we’ve heard lately.

Update: Microsoft has just tweeted that this wont be happening. The speculations can end now.

Steve Ballmer not speaking at Apple Dev Conf. Nor appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Nor riding in the Belmont. Just FYI.Thu May 27 18:12:57 via web

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