Android Dominating China’s Smartphone Market with Over 90% Share!

Google’s Android platform market share has risen to about 90.1 % in China, taking on the once popular Nokia Symbian platform and Apple’s iOS, according to a report from Analysys International. Android’s Chinese market share is up from 58.2% over the last year, leaving behind a little share for iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones.

Android Market Share in China is 90.1%

Android’s Steady Rise To The Top

However, the actual Android market share in China might be higher than what is reported because the report doesn’t include knock-off phones, a majority of which are powered by Android. The increase in Android-powered smartphones share is because of their cheap prices, free OS and greater availability compared to Apple’s iPhone prices and availability.

The average price of Android smartphone in China is $223 this quarter, much less than the average ($729) price of iPhone in the same region. The reason for low prices of Android phones is that more and more Chinese smartphone makers like ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi and Meizo are considering Android as their primary OS and introducing cheaper yet powerful Android phones in the evergreen smartphone market in China.

At the same time, the report reveals Apple’s iPhone market share is at 4.2%, down from 6% over the last quarter while Symbian share dropped from 6% to 2.4 % over the last quarter . However. keep in mind that the iPhone percentage doesn’t include the smuggled iPhones from Hong Kong (since latest iPhone is yet to be launched in China). China had blocked or constricted number of Google services/websites making it very difficult for the search engine giant to capitalize on Android’s success.

Android Market Share in China is 90.1%

Not only in China, Android has been dominating smartphone market all over the world with over 70% market share and with smartphones like Nexus 4 and Galaxy S III shipping with high-end specs and very decent price tags, it certainly makes consumers think twice before buying iPhones.

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