Research shows ‘App Tracking Transparency’ feature will not likely to end mobile target ads business

Mobile advertisers have been against Apple’s iOS privacy feature “App Tracking Transparency‘ since its announcement. Fearing that when given a choice, most users will not opt-in app tracking across third-party apps and websites and that will deprive them data show targets ads. 

However, a new research conducted by Adjust shows that more users are opting-in app tracking to receive targeted ads and the number has risen by 9%. 

App Tracking Transparency

Up to 30% more iOS users opt in for ‘App Tracking Transparency’ 

To strengthen users’ privacy on mobile, Apple introduces the App Tracking Transparency privacy feature which compels apps to take users’ consent to track their activity across third-party apps and websites.

The biggest critic of the App Tracking Transparency feature is Meta (formerly called Facebook), and recently, Lotame estimated that major social media companies will lose $16 billion in targeted ads revenue, and Meta is likely to experience the biggest hit, possibly $10 billion in 2022.

App tracking transparency

Therefore, Adjust’s new report will serve as music to digital advertisers’ ears which states that the number of iOS users opting for in-app tracking is now 25% from 16% a year ago. And that number is even higher on gaming apps which means it is not the last target ads business.

According to the research firm, the industry feared that the new App Tracking Transparency in iOS would hurt the mobile app market, which heavily relies on advertisements. In May 2021, opt-in rates were at around 16%. Now that number has grown to 25% a year later.

When it comes to games, the number is even higher – 30% of users have allowed developers to collect their data for advertisements. The numbers are based on a global research considering the 2,000 most popular apps in Adjust’s database. In some cases, popular games have achieved opt-in rates of up to 75%.

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