Apple to rebrand “Apple ID” to “Apple Account” with iOS 18 and macOS 15

As previously reported, Apple is considering changing the name of “Apple ID” to “Apple Account” on all its devices and platforms such as This update may be implemented as early as this year, potentially coinciding with the launch of iOS 18 (codenamed Crystal), and macOS 15 (codenamed Glow).

Apple ID

System applications likely be the first to undergo a facelift, swapping references to “Apple ID” with “Apple Account

If the rumor proves true, we can expect a ripple effect throughout Apple’s software landscape. System applications like Settings and the App Store would likely be the first to undergo a facelift, swapping references to “Apple ID” with “Apple Account.”

This shift would create a more cohesive user experience, emphasizing the account as the central hub rather than just a device identifier.

The rebranding could potentially extend beyond devices. Apple’s website,, might also adopt the “Apple Account” branding. This streamlining could enhance the login process and present a more unified image across all access points.

Apple ID to Apple Account

Possible reasons for the rebrand

There are several compelling reasons why Apple might be considering this rebranding. One possibility is that “Apple Account” offers a more comprehensive term. It encompasses the vast array of services and functionalities accessible under a single login, better reflecting the ever-expanding nature of the Apple ecosystem.

Another reason could be a strategic move to position the account as the central nervous system of the Apple experience. Currently, “Apple ID” primarily focuses on identification, but “Apple Account” carries the weight of managing a broader range of activities – from data storage and app purchases to communication and entertainment subscriptions.

While a name change might raise initial concerns, the good news is that it’s unlikely to cause any major disruptions for users. The core functionality of your Apple ID will likely remain the same. You’ll still be able to access all your data, apps, and subscriptions using the same login credentials.

However, there will likely be an adjustment period as users get accustomed to the new terminology. Apple, known for its user-centric approach, will likely implement clear communication strategies to ensure a smooth transition.

This might involve informative pop-ups within apps, updated website content, and potentially even dedicated support resources to address any user confusion.

While this rumor remains unconfirmed by Apple, it offers a fascinating glimpse into how the company might be aiming to refine its user experience.

(Via Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman)

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