Apple’s new iPhone 14 witty ads promote Action mode and undo send for iMessages

Apple has released two new ads for iPhone 14 which promote the new Action Modes for videos and the undo send for iMessage on iOS 16.

iPhone 14 ads

Apple ad shows the usefulness of the “Undo send” for iMessage for crisis management

iOS 16 comes with several new and innovative features to improve users’ experience. For iMessage, the latest iOS update offers the “Undo send” and “Edit” options for iMessage. iOS 16 users have up to two minutes to pull back an accidentally sent message and up to 15 minutes to edit typos in a message after sending it.

The new iPhone 14 ad on Apple’s official YouTube channel “R.I.P Leon” touts the “Undo send” for iMessage which features the greatest pet lizard actor that convincing plays dead for its caretaker to believe it was dead.

The instant the remorseful caretaker messages the owner that “I messed up… Leon is dead”, the pet bearded dragon turns and starts walking. Thanks to the Undo send feature, the caretaker pulls back his message. 

iPhone 14’s Action Mode is perfect for enthusiastic mothers

Action Mode on the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro records steadier hand-held videos, especially when moving around a lot. The new ad “Action mode” shows off the feature as a perfect tool for enthusiastic mothers who are willing to go the extra mile to capture their children’s racing competitions and other activities.

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