Apple allows Fortnite players to ‘Sign in with Apple’ indefinitely

Today, Epic has updated the Fortnite players that they will be able to continue playing the game via the ‘Sign in with Apple’ authentication method. The Cupertino tech giant informed the developer that it is putting the sign in termination on hold for an “indefinite time”.

Currently, Fortnite on iOS is only available to existing account holders. The app is no longer available on the App Store for download, therefore, new users can not. The two partners had a hard falling out when Epic rebelled against the App Store’s 30% commission rate and released a controversial ‘Epic direct payment’ update on the Fortnite iOS app.


Fortnite gets an Indefinite extension for ‘Sign in with Apple’

Previously, Epic informed the Fortnite players that Apple would be suspending accounts using ‘Sign in with Apple’, so they should change their email and password to another authentication tool like Gmail or Facebook before the deadline. Fortunately for players, the iPhone maker reconsidered that decision and put the termination plan for Epic Games accounts using its authentication method on hold for an “indefinite termination”.

Apple’s decision may have been influenced by the backlash it got for the termination plan. Fortnite players took to social media to ‘boo’ more actions by the trillion-dollar company to deprive them of a game they enjoy playing. Sign in with Apple is the company’s authentication method for users to sign in websites and apps quickly and easily either with Face ID, Touch ID or typing in a passcode. Therefore, the majority of iOS and iPadOS users choose it sign-in.

Like we have said before, in this battle for money between two billion-dollar companies, the only ones suffering are the Fortnite players. While the differences over money look forward to a legal settlement between Epic and Apple, the iPhone and iPad users can not play the new Fortnite season which was released on August 27. In addition, some Android users can also not update their app to the latest version, because the app got removed from Google Play as well after that direct payment update.

Epic Games

Although Google has also banned the Fortnite app from its digital ecosystem, Android users can still download and install the app on their devices. However, Apple does not allow any app on its devices that are not approved or available on its App Store. Thus, Epic’s criticism and social campaign are predominantly focused on the iPhone maker.

The full trial may take years to come to a conclusion and in the meanwhile, the two companies are keeping us on the edge with lawsuits and countersuits. Here is our complete coverage on the issue thus far.

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