Epic Games announces #FreeFortnite Cup, last chance for users on different platforms to play with each other

Epic Games has announced the #FREEFORTNITE Cup which will be the last time player son every platform will be able to play with one another. The event will take place on August 23. Since Google and Apple have removed the game from the app stores, players on iOS and Android devices do not have the latest version of the game. This also means that these players will not be able to enjoy Chapter 2 Season 4 on Aug. 27.

Recently, Fortnite has kicked off Apple and Google’s app stores because Epic Games tried to bypass both companies by sneaking an update in the iPhone and Android versions of the game which allowed users to pay Epic directly for in-app purchases instead of using the officially authorized payment system on both platforms.

Epic Games’ #FreeFortnite Cup

To access the event, players need to go to the in-game compete tab. There, they will be able to see when the event starts in their region. Log on during the time period and select the #FreeFortnite Cup playlist. Players will have four hours to complete up to 12 matches and win prizes.

Epic Games

Epic Games’ announcement encourages the deprived iOS and Android players to continue gaming via other platforms. It also asked for support in its fight against Apple;

“If you’re left behind on iOS after the Chapter 2 – Season 4 launch, the party continues on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, GeForce Now, and through both the Epic Games App at epicgames.com and the Samsung Galaxy Store. Join the fight against @AppStore on social with #FreeFortnite.

All of your friends. Awesome prizes. And one bad apple. We’re droppin the #FreeFortnite Cup.”

#FreeFortnite Cup Prizes

As part of the #FreeFortnite Cup, Epic is offering a ton of prizes including gaming hardware, tablets, and a bunch of gaming consoles. These prizes will be awarded to the top 1,200 players:

  • Alienware Gaming Laptop®
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7®
  • OnePlus 8 – 90FPS on a phone
  • PlayStation 4 Pro®
  • Xbox One X®
  • Nintendo Switch®

Epic Games

Additionally, anyone that scores a minimum of 10 points will receive the in-game skin Tart Tycoon Outfit, and the top 20,000 players will receive a “#FreeFortnite” IRL physical hat as a prize.

Epic Games also shared tips for iOS users worried about being unable to continue playing Fortnite on their mobile devices. The gaming giant recommended that users make sure that their data is stored in their Epic accounts and investigate alternative Fortnite-compatible devices where they can simply pick up where they left off. For Android users, Epic notes that users can still install it without having to go through Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

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