Apple dedicates ‘Developing for App Store’ section on website to developers

Apple’s App Store is a half a trillion-dollar ecosystem that offers millions of secure apps for users and several tools and assistance to developers to build their apps. Therefore, to communicate the development and distribution to the developers, Apple has dedicated a ‘Developing for App Store’ section on its Apple Store Online.

The recently updated web page, lists down platforms, technologies, features, and other tools provided by Apple so that developers “turn apps into opportunities”. Currently, the App Store policies are strongly criticized by developers like Epic Games and social companies like Spotify and Facebook, over the 30% commission rate. Therefore, it is likely that the company has decided to control the narrative by clarifying the accusations levied by anti-Apple groups on social media and in courts.

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‘Developing for App Store’ on Apple Store Online

This new section on apple’s website lists down the tools, technologies, and services developers can use as part of Apple developers’ community. It also highlights the benefits of using the App Store as a business platform to market, distribute, and earn from their apps.

Apple is committed to helping developers turn their brightest ideas into apps that change the world. That’s why the App Store helps you from start to finish — to build, test, market, and distribute your products and grow your business. Our marketplace is secure, trusted, and accessible — connecting you to over 1.5 billion devices in 175 regions. The App Store and you. Together every step of the way.

Platforms and Tools for Developers to Build Apps

  • Five platforms- iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS
  • Automatic access to new technologies
  • Over 250,000 APIs for any hardware or software task
  • Built-in Accessibility
  • Machine learning
  • World’s largest AR platform
  • Tools for every stage of development
  • Over 160 thousand technical documents and sample code are provided to help developers to build apps.
  • Review of over 90% of apps within 24 hours


  • Over 1.5 billion Apple devices
  • Over 500 million App Store visits every week
  • Over 50% download come from outside of developers’ home region
  • The iOS app economy is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United States economy

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Community and Support

  • curated collections created by real people
  • Apple Developer Program has over 28 million members in 227 regions
  •  Consultation, diagnosis, and resolution support and assistance
  • Apple analysis billions of anonymized data points to give developers valuable business insights
  • Reviews that do not meet integrity standards are removed. This year, the company has removed over 250 million of such reviews

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Business Opportunities

  • Choose their desired business model
  • Opportunity to take their app global with Apple machinery
  • Helps in on and off App Store marketing. In 2020, over 50 billion impressions including apps were promoted via email, social media, and advertising
  • 85% of apps are free for which developers do not pay anything to Apple
  • Apple has paid over $155 billion since 2008
  • Provides verified payments, property protection, and help with taxes

App Store

The App Store supports over 2.1 million jobs in the United States across all 50 states and business opportunities for developers around the world to build innovative apps which the company’s technology and tools to reach over a billion users.

The company has made an effort to publically list down the all services, tools, technologies and assistance it providers to developers and the safety, privacy, and trust of consumers in the midst of a campaign attacking the App Store’s 30% commission rate by calling it Apple Tax. Apple has categorically denied any foul play and maintains that the revenue generated from the share-cut is dedicated to the development and progress of the App Store so that the company continues to provide the aforementioned services.

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