In a letter, Apple asks leaker to stop reporting on undisclosed products

Apple very highly values users and its own privacy and for that, the company takes precautionary steps to maintain the secrecy of upcoming products and services. In an effort to prevent leaks, Apple is sending letters to leakers asking them to not disclose information about unannounced products. Renowned Chinese leaker Kang, the content of the letter he received from a law firm representing the Cupertino tech giant on Weibo about his previous leaks.

Most recently, Kang leaked details of the entire iPhone 12 series, HomePod mini, and MagSafe accessories for the new iPhone before the products’ launch in 2020. Therefore, in the letter, Kang was warned that leaking information of new products “can affect the company in multiple ways, including giving competitors access to secretive information and misleading customers because what is disclosed may not be accurate.”


Apple’s lawyer wants leaker not to share information of undisclosed products

As per the translated script of Kane’s post shared by 9to5Mac, the leaker said that the letter was sent to several sources in groups asking them to not “publish” leaks.

Recently, Apple commissioned a law firm and sent some letters in groups. I also received this group message. The content is probably that you can’t disclose what we haven’t published on the Internet, which will give Apple’s competitors effective information and also mislead consumers, because what is disclosed may not be accurate.


After the company objected to his “purchase suggestions and release time” leaks, Kane said that he will not be sharing pictures of unreleased products, referred to as riddles and dreams in his post. He wrote;

“I think my experience with Apple products is objective and fair, and the purchase advice has always been to say don’t buy anything, no other nonsense. I have never published undisclosed product pictures, which means that Apple does not welcome riddlers and Dreaming, dreaming will violate their confidentiality mechanism, even if I have a dream, Apple’s competitors will obtain effective information.

These years, playing Weibo with Apple has been a back-to-back tune. Talking will be reviewed. Without posting or leaking pictures, it is also used as a target. I am really curious about how big this group posting is, and it’s like ours. It’s not surprising that a veteran of mobile phone accessories knows in advance, and I haven’t used this information to make a profit on Weibo.”

Not only sources, but the Cupertino tech giant is also taking measures to prevent confidential information from slipping from manufacturers and developers to media and rivals. In March, Apple updated security guidelines for its manufacturing partners and in iOS 15 beta, it is discovered that the company made internal changes to hide features from engineers.

via 9to5Mac

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