An internal memo reveals Apple is aware of Studio Display audio issues

MacRumors has obtained an internal document that reveals that the company is aware of Studio Display’s audio issues and has a temporary fix for them.

Apple launched its new 27-inch external monitor, Studio Display, in March this year. The external display features an A13 Bionic chip, 5K resolution screen, 12MP Ultra Wide front camera, an audio system consisting of three mics and six speakers, and more.

But since its launch, users have reported issues with the Studio Display webcam’s poor image quality, firmware updates, and recently, they highlighted its audio issues like choppy playback, distortion, and dropouts.

Apple Studio Display Pro

Apple says that Studio Display’s audio issues are not hardware related

In an internal memo, sent to Apple’s authorized service providers, the company suggests a fix for Studio Display’s audio issues. It is recommended that the affected users should unplug the external monitor from the power source, disconnect all accessories, and then reconnect them. After a 10-second wait, they should turn on the monitor.

The company categorically states that it is not a hardware problem which suggests that it can be resolved permanently through a software update in the future.

Studio Display

However, users’ complaints on social media reveal that they already know the temporary fix that Apple has suggested to its service providers and they are not happy with it. @Mario Guzman wrote:

I have to restart both my Apple Studio Displays. Otherwise, audio gets choppy and eventually just cuts out completely. Rebooting the Mac doesn’t help. You literally have to power cycle the entire Studio Display(s). Happens about every 5-6 weeks for me it seems.

@numericcitizen wrote:

Studio Display Audio Issues — I had the same issues with my… rebooting a monitoring fix the problems. Just weird to have to reboot a display, though.

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