Apple CEO Tim Cook believes AI will affect all their products and services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of the tech world and Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that it will affect every products and every service created by the company.

AI is the tech which is based on the ability of a computer to perform processes or tasks associated with intelligent humans like problem solving, understanding language and others.

Apple Watch Series 8 Crash Detection

Apple could use AI to power new innovative and life saving features like fall detection and ECG

At the Q1, 2023 earnings call, when Cook was asked about the potential of AI and its role in the company’s strategy for services, he said AI has the potential to enrich users lives like the iPhone 14’s crash detection and Apple Watch’s ECG, and fall detection features. 

He also added that in the future AI can affect all of the company’s products and services.

Q. Aaron Rakers — Wells Fargo Securities — Analyst

Yep. And then kind of from a strategic perspective, given kind of the things that we’re seeing out in some of your peer group, I’m curious, Tim, how you think about the role of AI in your strategy as far as particularly in the services segment, whether you’re not — you see opportunities to excel monetization abilities within the paid subscriber base and whether or not AI, is it something that you’re implementing a bit more strategically there?

Answer: Tim Cook — Chief Executive Officer

Yep. It is a major focus of ours. It’s incredible in terms of how it can enrich customers’ lives. And you can look no further than some of the things that we announced in the fall with crash detection and fall detection or back a ways with ECG.

I mean these things have literally save people’s lives. And so we see an enormous potential in this space to affect virtually everything we do. It’s obviously a horizontal technology, not a vertical. And so it will affect every product in every service that we have.

Apple’s AI powered features, ECG, fall detection and crash detection, have saved users lives in life threatening situations like detecting AFib, hard falls and car crash

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