Apple health exec Kevin Lynch has been tapped to work on Apple Car – Report

According to a new report, Apple’s health and Apple Watch exec Kevin Lynch has been tapped to work on Apple Car. Despite his involvement in Project Titan, Lynch will continue to work on the development of Apple Watch. The executive will also continue to serve as Apple’s Vice President of technology.

Apple exec Kevin Lynch

Apple health exec Kevin Lynch reportedly working on Apple Car

According to a report from Insider, Lynch’s involvement in Project Titan has been confirmed by four individuals familiar with the matter. Apple declined to comment. The report also notes that Lynch helped define a new product category for Apple with the work he did for Apple Watch. The wearable platform is not bringing in billions for the Cupertino tech giant and it hopes that Lynch can do the same for Apple Car.

Lynch is one of the architects behind the Apple Watch. In 2013, he was brought in specifically to grow the product from an idea into a reality, and is largely credited for helping to define a new product category for Apple, “wearables,” that’s now making billions per quarter.

The tech giant has been rumored to release an autonomous car for several years now. Recently, it was revealed that Apple’s long-term iPhone assembling partner, Foxconn will reportedly manufacturer batteries for its first passenger automobile.

Apple Car

While the report does say that Lynch will continue to work on Apple Watch and health, the executive will be stepping back from Apple COO Jeff Williams’ team. Evan Doll will replace Lynch on the staff.

Lynch will be stepping back from Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams’ health staff, a team of health VPs that includes Dr. Sumbul Desai, head of care delivery and regulatory, Myra Haggerty, who leads algorithms, Eugene Kim, head of watch hardware, and other critical drivers of the health strategy.

Evan Doll, a director of health software engineering, will replace Lynch on the staff, one of the people said. While Doll will continue to report to Lynch, Lynch’s absence on that team, home to the organization’s decision makers, means he’ll be less tangibly involved in health strategy, two of the people said.

We do not know if we can expect to see Lynch involved in the announcement of Apple Watch Series 7 and more. Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to launch this September with an upgraded design, faster process, and more.

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