iPhone and Mac owners will be able to purchase Apple Care+ warranty after a costly repair – Report

MacRumors reports Apple is going to give iPhone and Mac owners another chance to purchase an Apple Care+ warranty after they have paid for a costly repair. 


At the time of purchase, Apple offers a complimentary and limited warranty of up to 90 days. Customers can also purchase an Apple Care+ plan for extended warranty coverage within 60 days of device purchase. After the expiration of the given duration, customers can not purchase Apple’s warranty plan and will have to pay the full price if their device needs a repair. But now, the tech giant might give users another chance. 

Apple Care+ will be offered to customers with a year-old iPhone or Mac 

In an internal memo, obtained by Macrumors, the company said that customers who had gotten a year-old iPhone or Mac repaired by Apple will be eligible to purchase an Apple Care+ plan. 

Customers who had an iPhone or Mac repaired at an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider are now eligible to purchase AppleCare+ for the device, so long as the device was purchased less than one year ago and passes a physical inspection and diagnostics after repair.

apple Care- Mac

Maybe this offer is to encourage Apple customers to get repair work done by the company or its authorized service providers. Recently, the company announced a “Self Service Repair”  program for customers to repair the display, battery, and camera of their iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. By late 2022, the repair program will cover Mac models as well.

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