Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at a new AR-enabled device with “humanity at the center”

When talking about augmented reality (AR) with @ChinaDailyUSA, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at a future AR-enabled device for the first time.

Apple introduced LiDAR scanners in iPad Pro models (2020 and newer) and iPhone Pro models starting from iPhone 12 series. The light detection and ranging (LiDAR) scanning technology uses bouncing light waves off the surfaces and measures the reaction time to determine the shape and distance of objects within a space. The technology is used to create 3-D models of objects or layouts of surroundings.

Recently, Apple introduced a new RoomPlan API in ARKit to create 3-D designs of a room’s layout, its interior decoration, and more.

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Tim Cook said that consumers should “stay tuned” for what AR product Apple will offer

Although Tim Cook has spoken about the immense potential of AR tech in offering new experiences, he had never suggested that Apple was exploring a new AR device. That slightly changed in a new interview with China Daily USA.

When he was asked about the makes an AR product successful, Cook said that an AR product that puts humanity at the center is likely to appeal to consumers more. It is not the first time, Cook emphasized “humanity” to be a core principle of innovation. In an open letter to Italian developers published in the first issue of Login magazine, he wrote that “people can only benefit from the technology we create in an environment where humanity can thrive.”

More importantly, he also added that consumers should stay tuned for what Apple will offer in the AR space.

Question: Chinese consumers are highly enthusiastic about VR and AR technologies but some of them are not very satisfied with products currently available on the market.

What do you think are the key factors for AR products such as AR headsets to succeed in the consumer market?

Answer: I am incredibly excited about AR as you might know

And the critical thing to any technology including AR is putting humanity at the center of it. And that is what we focus on everyday

Right now as an example, we have over 14,000 ARKit apps in the App Store which provide AR experiences for millions of people around the world

But I think despite that we are still in the very early innings of how this technology will evolve. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities we’ve seen in this space and sort of stay tuned and you’ll see what we have to offer.

AR Apple Glasses

Rumor mills claim that Apple is going to expand AR tech to a new headset. Presumably called Apple AR Glass, the alleged headset would layer 3-D effects on top of their surrounding. It is also speculated that Tim Cook will oversee the launch of the alleged AR Glass product before his retirement.

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