Apple’s Close Your Rings challenge winners receive their awards

Apple’s employees who successfully completed the ‘close your rings’ challenge are now receiving their awards. A customized grey T-shirt with a 2020 logo with three activity rings design and a complimentary card are sent out to the winners.

The motivational complementary card reads:

You have come full circle, but the best remains:

healthier habits and connections that will far outlast the this challenge.

Oh, and this T-shirt. Put it on your body.

Dress it up. Dress it down. Whatever you do,

wear it proudly. It was made for you.

After a few months of delay due to stay at home orders in the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, Apple reinstated the ‘close your ring’ challenge for all its employees in the corporate and retail division around the world in July. However, this year winners did not receive the expected awards.

Close your ring

Close Your Rings Challenge 2020

As reported by MacRumors, the challenge started on July 20 till August 16, and wining employees of the activity challenge around the globe are receiving their custom T-shirts and complimentary cards. Unfortunately for this year’s winners, exclusive pins and watch bands were not part of the awards pack.

Close your rings

Since 2018, Apple internally celebrates world heart month with the ‘close your rings’ challenge as a means to promote a healthy lifestyle. Starting in February, world hearth month, every year the company’s employees around the world are expected to close all three of their activity rings on Apple Watch daily and people with the highest scores receive exclusive merchandize as awards.

Previously gold, silver, and bronze pins for first, second and third winners, and Apple Watch bands. Both of which are missing from this year’s awards package.

The close your rings challenge was also part of the WWDC event in 2018 and the participants very actively compete against each other to close all the circles.

Apple Watch is marketed as not just a smartwatch but a health monitor to promote a healthy lifestyle. Thus, the company releases activity challenges on various occasions to encourage users to be on their feet to earn digital award badges.

Recently, to celebrate the 104th birthday of the National Park Service, Apple launched a new activity challenge inspired by national parks for Apple Watch users worldwide. On August 30, users will earn exclusive awards and animated stickers for messages on completion of all three rings by running, hiking, walking, and other activities.

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